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What is Identity Proofing?

In today's fast-paced online, mobile and digital world, it's likely you are doing more shopping, working and enjoying entertainment online. To facilitate these activities, different security protocols are used so you can access data and information while keeping hackers and criminals out.

Identity proofing – sometimes called identity verification – is the process of verifying and authenticating your identity. Security professionals have identified three components that must be aligned to ensure your actual identity matches your ID credential:

  • Physical person. The actual person that is using the offered credential to prove identity.
  • Identity Record. The specific identity information known about you.
  • Credentials. Passwords, user IDs and other elements used in tandem to facilitate authentication.

For example, it is common to provide a password and email address to access different accounts. At the same time, companies, organizations and educational institutions have to fight hackers, ensure compliance and provide an attractive, easy way for you to prove your identity.

New identity proofing technology and approaches have been developed to increase security from the time you create your account through your entire relationship with the organization. Modern identity proofing solutions often involve multiple methods, each one enhancing the effectiveness of the others. They must be flexible and adaptable to the constantly changing demands of the marketplace.

For example, Personal Identity Verification-Interoperable (PIV-I) credentials support robust identity proofing through the use of multifactor authentication, protecting against infiltration by even the most sophisticated hacking groups. A SureID Certified PIV-I™ credential is provisioned with digital certificates, photo and fingerprint and is among the most effective ways of addressing security vulnerabilities both online and on-premise.


The Benefits of Identity Proofing

Ensuring that the right person is accessing data and information protects you, businesses, governments and organizations from fraud and waste. For example, in 2010, New Jersey authorities uncovered a crime: millions of dollars were being lost to fraudulent unemployment insurance payments.

New Jersey authorities said the case motivated them to improve their digital security and identity proofing. Their efforts were rewarded when they determined they had prevented almost $450 million in bogus payments from leaving state coffers. The State of New Jersey was able to prevent more than 300,000 people from collecting fraudulent benefits using stolen identities and other illegal schemes through identity proofing their efforts were noticed and duplicated in other states facing similar challenges.


Why You Need to be Identity Proofed

In today's digital environment, you must be identity proofed to ensure that you are the person that is:

  • Accessing your funds
  • Using your online services
  • Accessing your cloud-based data, images, videos and other media
  • Seeing financial and credit information
  • Using just about any online service

As the digitization of our society continues, one of the most important assets that you control is your personal identity. It's vital you have the tools and techniques available to prevent bad actors from accessing your identity and wreaking havoc on your financial, social and personal assets.

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