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Solve Your Identity Access Management (IAM/IDAM) Challenges with SureID®

Why Identity Access Management?

Today’s competitive landscape of the identity and access market is muddled. There is an abundance of providers providing poorly-integrated and narrowly-focused solutions that fail to solve the complexities of identity in larger organizations. Cyber attacks and physical security breaches are rooted in identity and antiquated network security solutions fail to protect enterprise and critical infrastructure.

SureID’s IAM/IDAM solutions consider both physical and technology security. SureID provides an end-to-end, high-assurance identity access management that helps strengthen organizational confidence that individuals are validated and can be trusted.

It takes only one person to put your entire business and reputation at risk. Let the identity access experts at SureID help.


The Benefits of IAM/IDAM

Identity access management does not always get the highest profile in organizations because it doesn't always affect the bottom line directly. However, a security breach poses major problems for organizations in terms of:

  • data loss
  • litigation costs
  • loss of a trust in the marketplace
  • eventual cost of improving security protocols

IAM/IDAM is an ongoing physical and technology challenge. SureID®, a national leader in high-assurance identity management solutions, provides high-level security that keeps your important personal and organizational information safe. A comprehensive suite of SureID Certified™ products are available for those who want a secure and trusted digital identity both online and offline.


Today's Identity Challenges

Identity security is increasingly difficult with today's on-the-go, mobile workforce. Employees bring their own technology devices to work, access services in the cloud, operate outside the confines of business while on the road and utilize a wide variety of individual devices requiring specific attention.

As well as cloud and network security, IAM/IDAM also refers to on-site security. Many identity access management systems utilizing badges or credentials for building security use barcodes or magnetic stripes. These methods are easily counterfeited and are prone to tampering and are often inadequate to protect valuable data.


Smartcard Technology

Increasingly, companies are turning to smartcards with enhanced privacy protection to improve facility security. Smartcards, such as a SureID Certified PIV-I™ credential, usually have a small computer chip or similar form factor. The chips are not easy to tamper with and store lots of data securely. As a result, organizations get enhanced privacy protection, sophisticated encryption, decryption, biometric matching, high-level ID security and authenticated information access. Smartcards act as a personal firewall that provide access to information when needed, and guard individual and organizational data. They can also be used seamlessly from company intranets to the internet.

Identity access management should be an integral part of every organization’s planned, systematic approach to data and physical security. An vital part of that plan is an identity management system that provides a unified, organized approach to acquiring, authenticating and administering electronic identifications of customers, employees and other stakeholders.

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