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Vendor Risk Management (VRM)

Protect Your Organization from Third-party Risk

Nearly half of all reported data breaches are caused by third party contractors or vendors. Download our white paper and find out how you can protect your organization against unauthorized access by vetting, tracking, and validating vendors and contractors before and after they have been granted access.


The Physical and Logical Threats

Certain individuals or groups are willing to go to great lengths to steal your company’s information and assets. Taking protective security measures should be at the forefront when planning and executing a fool-proof vendor risk management solution.

Intense global economic competition, geopolitical uncertainty, the “hacking economy,” and skills shortages that increase reliance on contractors mean threats today are more pervasive than ever. It is essential that new approaches for vetting your vendors' employees be adopted.

A particularly strong model emerging to counter “outsiders on the inside” is Vendor-Led Security Management. Learn more about how about this emerging approach can help companies protect their organization against these threats.

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