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SureID Offers Universal Identity Solution to Volunteers and Coaches Nationwide

A Special Offer for Volunteers and Coaches to Help Keep Kids and Communities Safer

Helping keep our kids and communities safe is a top priority. That’s why we’re offering a program just for volunteers and coaches. 

Introducing SureID Certified Edge™ solution for volunteers and coaches. 

It’s much more than an ID card. 

As an introductory offer from SureID, volunteers and coaches pay a one-time fee of $19.95 for a high assurance identity certifying you are exactly who you claim to be. Securely provide your personal information just once. Your identity can be used anywhere SureID is accepted. 

Recurring background screenings are available at $4.95 per month for volunteers and coaches to keep the card active and current.

“In an increasingly complex time, it’s never been more important for nonprofits to know their volunteers are who they say they are while also meeting strong vetting standards. You don’t need to read many headlines to know that current background checks simply aren’t enough. That’s why we strongly endorse the use of the SureID Certified Edge solution and the SureID mobile app to make it much easier and safer to manage the identities of volunteers.”

Greg Baldwin
President of VolunteerMatch

Get your SureID Certified Edge™ credential today.

Use it. Demand it.


Helping keep kids and local communities safer with

SureID Certified Edge™

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SureID is a Positive Coaching Alliance and VolunteerMatch Partner.

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