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The best defense for federal government contractors, SureID Certified PIV-I™ delivers multifactor authentication to comply with government mandates

A high-assurance end-to-end solution for government contractors who need to meet government mandates such as NIST SP 800-171.
SureID Certified PIV-I is a proven solution for helping federal contractors needing access to the federal bridge and compliance with mandates:
  • Integrates with an organizations critical infrastructure to enable multifactor authentication
  • Automated registration process that reduces burden on organizations
  • Trusted ID verification process
  • Identity proofing of registrant

SureID, Inc. is a U.S. federal government-approved level of assurance 4 (LOA4) identity provider for PIV-I credentials, which is the highest  assurance level as defined by the National Institute of Standards and  Technology (NIST). Trusted by the U.S. military for over a decade,  SureID is the leading PIV-I issuer in the nation with more than 190,000  credentials issued to date.

The Gold Standard: 

SureID Certified PIV-I™

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